The Project

The goal behind the Access2MexCyT project is to cultivate and encourage research between Europe And Mexico as well as to give european researchers opportunities to access all current academic programmes run in Mexico. Additionally, it will provide the Mexican research community with opportunities to cooperate and to establish new partnerships with European counterparts.

This video explains what the ACCESS2MEXCYT project is all about:

The strength of the project lies in pooling key institutions with long experience in international cooperation and wide networks both at governmental level and in the European and Mexican research communities.

The project’s starting point is the ongoing international cooperation between Mexico and the EU and the sectorial agreement on S&T signed in 2004, based on the principles of mutual benefit and access to EU and Mexican research programmes.

Regarding the political impact on the cooperation between the EU and Mexico, the project will contribute, with specific information and recommendations, to the EU-Mexico S&T dialogue within the framework of the Joint Steering Committee (JSC).

The synergies with other EU-Mexico initiatives, such as UEMEXCyT II (European Union - Mexico Cooperation Programme on Science and Technology), and with other relevant S&T projects like ACCESS4EU, will reinforce the impact of the project activities.

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Basic Features and Discount Coupons Of Norton Security 2015

Even for an industry that has continued to see the best of the best being developed and made available to thousands of computer users, the introduction of the new Norton Security is going to send shock waves across the industry. Although, much of the features that make up this antivirus software have been largely borrowed from the previous software programs from the same company, this one promises a whole new host of improvement. The following is a rundown of key features and coupon codes that come with this new security software.

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First of all, let's start with the pricing. The basic version of the software comes with a $79,99 price tag for the 1-year subscription and a $159,99 for the 2-year. The Backup version of norton security goes up to $89,99 and $169,99 for the 1-year and 2-year subscriptions respectively. Now, Symantec has issued a series of discount codes throughout the year to give their customers a discount for their products. Online you can find the most recent norton security coupons or discount links which will drop the price by $30 for the 1-year registration and $50 for the 2-year one. The coupons are "NortonSecurity30OFF" and "NSUS55OFF" for the 1-year and 2-year purchases respectively. They are valid for both norton security and norton security with backup products. Stay tuned with a couple of online deals sites like this one to have the most updated offers available.

Comprehensive protection

With the same level of commitment Norton has continued to show for years, this software comes fully complete with an array of protection solutions all in one package. With advanced privacy technology, web protection among others, this protection tool, alone is going to be one stop solution that will keep you and your devices safe and protected. Moreover, unlike other programs in the market, this security software is not going to sacrifice your system’s performance in exchange for security.

Security with back up

This of course is one feature that will lure people into buying this program. With this Norton Security coming fully equipped with back up feature, protecting your system and backing up your files all at the same is not going to be same gain. It is one amazing internet protection tool that will keep your device and files safe under your roof.

Power Eraser

If for years you have had difficulties deleting that embedded crime ware, this is what you should be looking for. Besides, other outstanding features, this software comes with a never seen before power eraser that is going to get rid of any crime ware; a thing that any traditional virus scanning cannot do.

Protection flexibility

The kind of flexibility you can net from this program is ridiculously sweet. You can easily customize this security software to meet your growing personal or business security needs. As if that is not enough, it comes with 100 percent security guarantee.

Bottom line; this program has been thoughtfully developed, and if what many people who have use it is anything to go by, then it has practically lived true to its features. The best part, despite of an avalanche of great benefits that you can net from this program, it still comes with one of the best prices in the market. With around $80, you can be sure of going home with the new Norton Security with backup.

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Hi all! Tom here again with one more coupon update. This time is for NativeRemedies.com. A while now I've been looking for something that would help me sleep better cause I had a few issues with stress, so a friend of mine told me about this online shop which has all you can imagine about homeopathy, nothing artificial. He also gave me a Native remedies coupon code 25 off to use and get a 25% discount, which actually worked. So, here it is: welcome10; type it at the coupon box you will see when you are checking out. Well, this coupon gives you a discount as long as your order is $100 and above which is great cause if you navigate at their website you will definitely find things you actually need.

I don't know how many of you know this firm but if you are really into organic, herbs and natural remedies this one is totally for you. Native Remedies is a leading brand that offers Natural solutions through more than 250 different Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies that is made for complete body health and wellness, in which it offers quality, effectiveness and safety that you can always trust. Native Remedies main purpose is to guide people to accept and support a natural way to a healthy family. They maintain their mission by following many guiding rules.

Their first rule is by keeping the highest quality of their remedies by ensuring more effectiveness of the product and less side effects. Secondly, they build their trust by manufacturing their products according to the highest standards of pharmaceutical standards. Thirdly they offer personal advice on a one on one basis in order to address individual needs of their customers through a service called Ask Our Experts. Fourth they provide information and offer education to their customers on the importance of healthy living and give true and factual information in order for them to make informed decisions. Fifth they exceed their customer expectations by offering a 24 hour toll free ordering service to their one year 100% unconditional money back guarantee and their service to the customer does not end when you receive the product. Sixth, is building their team where their employees take part in a practical approach to complete wellness by including their natural remedies into their daily routines thus encouraging others to adopt this approach of better health. Seven they participate in their community where they take a positive action on company level and every team member makes a contribution either through donations, volunteering and/or other activities. And lastly they control their company in a way that recognizes the main role played by their business partners not only in distributing their products but aiding the success of their main purposes.

A major example of their remedies is the BellyFlat. This is an herbal remedy for balanced Cortisol levels in the body which aids in supporting a healthy weight. Cortisol is a steroid hormone released in response to stress and low levels of glucose in the blood and its main function is aiding the metabolism of fat. This remedy supports healthy weight, balanced cortisol levels, balanced diet and the body's natural ability to deal with stress. It also helps manage sugar cravings.

This product goes for a price of $34.95. If you buy two you will get one absolutely free at a price of $69.90 thus you are getting a 33% discount and you would have saved $34.95. For those who want to buy online there are bargains available; you will just have to fill a form with your full names and email address which is private and confidential and you will be able to get email updates.